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With the same old saponification method...

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Following firmly the traditional saponification recipe since the age of our Grandfather, we guarantee that all our Soaps are made from100% olive oil or olive pomace oil and are of exceptional quality.

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Purity & Beauty..

knossos olive oil soaps



Our company is represented by Nikolaos Brokos brothers and our family involvement in the production of olive oil soaps begun from our Grandfather in 1911 in a mountain village of Crete, Kritsa in the prefecture of Lassithi.

In the villages of Crete during this period, they produced and used in their kitchen only olive oil. In a small warehouse back then, our Grandfather (Emmanuel Brokos) started collecting old olive oils from houses in the surrounding villages that had run out of older crops and could not consume them. He then saponified these oils in a 150kg barrel which he heated underneath by lighting a wood fire.

knossos olive oil soaps
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