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olive oil soap history



According to a Greek myth, soap was initially originated from Ancient Greece and to be more exact from Lesbos Island.

In the specific island, animals have been sacrificed in respects to Artemis.
Frequent heavy rains carried over all animal remains, along with the animal fat and the ashes coming from the burned wood. All these together were shaped into a yellow rivulet that was washed into the river.

It was then evident by local housewives that in the cases when the water was yellowish, clothes were cleaner.

According to the myth the soap was named after the poetess Sapfo, who discovered the soap’s cleaning ability.
During a sea trip, one of her pots filled with olive oil, broke due to the bad weather. The olive oil coming from the pot was mixed with ashes and after continuous shaking throughout the night, a viscous liquid was produced. Sapfo used the particular liquid to wash the dishes, which seemed particularly clean.
Other countries contend with Greece for the origin of soap, such as Ancient Egypt, Messopotamia and Ancient Rome. Most predominant originator seems to be Ancient Rome with Tiberis River that is located at the foot of Sapo Mountain, which is thought that soap has been named after.

The olive oil tree was thought to be a holy and blessed tree in Ancient Greece. In addition to that, olive oil tree was prosperous and in excess in Ancient Greece and therefore, Ancient Greeks manufactured soap using olive oil.
Based on the wisdom of our ancestors, we continue the history of manufacturing soap by using the same basic ingredient, olive oil, without the addition of any chemicals.

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